European Messianic Theological Symposium

About the European Messianic Theological Symposium

2011 EMTS Participants

How We Came to Be

The unity and progress of the Messianic movement in Europe can only be enhanced by collaboration and dialogue. As a starting point, in 2011 we held our first symposium in Berlin, and decided that the critical issue to which we should first turn our attention was Soteriology in Post-Holocaust Europe.

This first Symposium was held from 23-25 February 2011 and drew theologians from around Europe and from Israel. Papers were delivered exploring different aspects of Soteriology and how the Holocaust has impacted contemporary Messianic Jews' understanding of it. Various of these papers are available for download using the links to the left of this page. Some have been published elsewhere.

Our Participants

The first European Messianic Theological Symposium drew participants from around Europe, and some from Israel. With rare exception, all particpants were Jewish theologians or theological students. A number of the particpants were of international stature within the Messianic Jewish movement. Others have significant leadership roles or are lecturers in European universities.



Across Europe, the Messianic movement has rapidly grown and matured in recent decades. With the resurgence of Jewish community across the continent and significant Jewish migration following the collapse of the former Soviet Union, significant numbers of Jewish people have become followers of Messiah Yeshua. It is this continent that was once home to a community of Jewish believers noted for its contributions to Christian theology. More immediately, it is this continent where the Messianic movement received its first great impetus, rapidly echoed in America.

Today the world of Jewish believers in Yeshua finds its theological centres in Israel and America. As European Jewish believers, with our potential to make a significant contribution, we need a forum where Messianic thinkers and theologians can interact. Further, we need to address theological concerns specifically relevant to the European Messianic community in a European way.  It is with these concerns in mind that the European Messianic Theological Symposium has been convened.

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